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Thank you for considering Lincoln City Vacation Rentals to manage your vacation rental property.  

With a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and exceptional rentals, rest assured that you have come to the right place. 

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We know that personal service and attention to detail are keys to quality property management and guest experience. 

For this reason, we’ve chosen to limit our portfolio to 20 homes to ensure we maintain our standards.

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No Owner Fees
Zero, Zilch, None
High Occupancy
75% Average
Top Guests Ratings
93% 5-star Reviews
Management Services
Evaluate and Upgrade

Our standards are extremely high and because of that we take initiative and upgrade areas where we can. From installing thoughtful touches to improving operations and house presentation we make sure everything is at it's best at all times.

Market Your Property for Rent

Expect to benefit from our marketing and hospitality in the form of a high occupancy percentage. Don't expect low rates as a compromise though, our hospitality allows us to maintain appropriate rates which equals more profit for you.

Guest Screening and Selection

We have a history of hosting kind and respectful guests. Additionally, our integrity obligates us to ensure every home is maintained in no less condition than when we started.

Detailed Housekeeping

We know cleaning can make or break a rental and we take this area very seriously. We have a standard and our team is proud to uphold it to the highest quality. 

Why List with Northwest Lodgings
We're for the Owners

Our first thought; speak to one of our current customers and allow them to give you an idea what to expect, we believe they say it best. Being a boutique shop we're aware the margin for error is very small and we're committed to maintaining the highest quality at all times in all areas.

We're in Tune

We understand our guests and what they want in their vacation.  While conversing with the customer we're able to learn about their needs and expectations to provide a personalized experience for the whole group.

We Listen and Care

It's important to listen if you want to give owners and guests what makes them happy and your happiness is our first priority. In addition to listening, we care about our customers and our hearts work is to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone we work with.

We Do More

I believe when we put you in touch with one of our current home owners (they've kindly offered their thoughts to prospective customers) they'll tell you we do more. Knowing what customers want its up to us to provide that, and we know you're not interested in the required minimum to get by, you'll see.

We Follow Through

Lets be honest, there are other companies who manage vacation homes but to separate us from them we're committed to the follow through. When something needs attention we address it and see it through to completion.

We're Smaller

You want to work with ones invested in your success and quality of your home.  We give more attention to our homes, we're easier to communicate with and its always more effective when you have the ability to call decision makers directly when something is on your mind.

We're Committed

We have tunnel vision and our focus is providing home owners with a trustworthy, profitable, high quality service and that has done well for us thus far. We're here to listen, to make it happen and make your life easier and put some more money in your pocket to boot. 

No Fees

We saved this one for last cause we think its the best. We don't have fees. No Spa fees, no housekeeping fees, no landscaping fees, no fees.


"Great place! It was perfect for our group. Even better than we had expected. Brandon’s communication and responsiveness exceeded expectations! We will be back!"

Oct 21 – 24, 2021 • Alder Breeze

"Brandon is an amazing host. He was always available to help us with all the questions and ensured we felt special and taken care… the property is located in lovely neighbourhood and literally walking distance to the beach…"

Jun 27 – 29, 2021 • The Flip Flop Inn

"Great place! It was perfect for our group. Even better than we had expected. Brandon’s communication and responsiveness exceeded expectations! We will be back!"

Oct 21 – 24, 2021 • Alder Breeze

"Brandon was a great, clear communicator and always sounded positive and kind. He’s wonderfully professional with a kind, listening style."

Sep 30 – Oct 4, 2021 • Our Happy Place

"Brandon was a fantastic host. The house is very family friendly and well stocked. The walk to the beach took less than 5 minutes. We would stay again!"

Jun 13 – 17, 2021 • Pampered by the Pacific