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Northwest Lodgings Vacation Rentals, LLC was established in 2015 with the aim of addressing the shortcomings in our city's property management services.  At our core, we are driven by a commitment to deliver exceptional solutions and strive for excellence in the industry.  We understand that every customer has unique needs, and we take great pride in exceeding expectations in various aspects to meet their specific requirements. We are dedicated to maintaining our high standards by growing at a deliberate pace, and we eagerly anticipate the chance to serve you.

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Have fresh, clean, crisp linens for every guest, every time. Guaranteed.


Soft, blemish-free towels for every guest, every time. Guaranteed.


Maintain peace of mind knowing that you won't be holding the tab for a guest's accident.


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Common Homeowner Questions
What Do You Charge?

Each homeowner has their own specific set of needs so we've structured our services so you're never paying for more than you should. Our fees range between 23-35%.

When Do I Get Paid?

Owner Statements and disbursement payments are finalized on the 10th of each month outlining the previous month's revenue. Payments to owners are made via Direct Deposit.

What's My Cleaning Cost?

Our homeowners are given a price break of up to 50% on their cleanings. If they want to complete the cleaning themselves it's significantly less and we follow up with an inspection to ensure everything is guest-ready.

What Do You Provide The Guest?

We pride ourselves on supplying our guests with not only natural, cruelty-free products but also enough to last the duration of their stay. No micro bottles or skin-drying bar soap, our guests get the good stuff, and lots of it. 

Why List With Northwest Lodgings
Low Turnover

Our turnover is the lowest in the area so our homeowners benefit from long-lasting, professional relationships. Long gone are the days when you have a new manager every quarter, feel free to get comfortable. 


Our communication standards are like anything else we take seriously, quick, thoughtful responses addressing your needs are common practice and you'll love the communication approach we bring to the table.

We Listen and Care

It's important to listen if you want to give owners and guests what makes them happy and your happiness is our priority. In addition to listening, we care about our customers and our hearts work is to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone we work with.


Meet and Greet

This step is the most fun, at this time we meet and tour the home while learning about your needs. If after touring the property and evaluating the potential success of the VRD, the Owner and Company agree working together is a good fit, we move to Step 2.



Immediately after our partnership has been confirmed, scheduling of the following takes place, including:

  1. Matterports
  2. Drone Imagery
  3. Floor Plans
  4. Hi-Res Photography


On average 3 days after the media has been captured, the listing goes live and we begin accepting bookings.

Our properties begin accepting reservations 10 days after Step 1.

follow progress with access to our onboarding tracker

Contact Us

Contact Northwest Lodgings for information on our properties, the Oregon Coast, and more. Fill out the form below or call 503-899-5532 to reach our office


"Great place! It was perfect for our group. Even better than we had expected. Brandon’s communication and responsiveness exceeded expectations! We will be back!"

Oct 21 – 24, 2021 • Alder Breeze

"Brandon is an amazing host. He was always available to help us with all the questions and ensured we felt special and taken care… the property is located in lovely neighbourhood and literally walking distance to the beach…"

Jun 27 – 29, 2021 • The Flip Flop Inn

"Great place! It was perfect for our group. Even better than we had expected. Brandon’s communication and responsiveness exceeded expectations! We will be back!"

Oct 21 – 24, 2021 • Alder Breeze

"Brandon was a great, clear communicator and always sounded positive and kind. He’s wonderfully professional with a kind, listening style."

Sep 30 – Oct 4, 2021 • Our Happy Place

"Brandon was a fantastic host. The house is very family friendly and well stocked. The walk to the beach took less than 5 minutes. We would stay again!"

Jun 13 – 17, 2021 • Pampered by the Pacific